About Us


Chord Candles was founded in 2018 by a music-loving man and a candle-loving woman. We believe that nothing sets the mood quite like a great candle and an awesome playlist, and are delighted to share with you our passion. 

Our Core Values

We're passionate about the product. We want to create high-quality candles that last a long time, burn cleanly and have incredible, unique scents. And guess what? that's exactly what we do.

We're eco-friendly. Candles should warm up the atmosphere of a room, not a planet. Our tins are recyclable, our wax is petroleum free, our wicks are cotton and we are constantly looking for opportunities to reduce our impact. 

We love music. We carefully curate our playlists, and hope that each and every time you listen to our collections you hear an awesome new song or are reminded of a classic you haven't heard in a while.

We'd love to hear from you, our customers. Shoot us an email at info@chordcandles.com with any questions, suggestions or comments!